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Every day we are blessed countless times.  We often overlook the Source of the good things that happen to us and chalk it up to good fortune or “lucky breaks”.  Although I have always  known that all good things come from God, I have often neglected to give Him the credit.  Now, after having experienced a life changing decision, I  have become more aware of His personal attention and  recognize each and every blessing and their unbelievable timing.  I call them hugs from God and began this website in order to share them and have a place where others can share their “hugs”.

After 20 years in a dead-end job I felt that I couldn’t stay there another second, so I decided to leave.  While the awesome indescribable relief of simply walking out that door was overwhelming, I worried that I might not be doing what God wanted me to do.  I was old enough to retire and had “put in my time”, as it were, but the economy was bad and it was scary to lose the paycheck.  I took all of it to God and asked Him to let me know He was standing by me in this decision.  I imagined feeling His arms around me and instantly felt calmer.  I sensed the warmth of His love and approval flowing into my very being.  Then the blessings (hugs) began.

Four months later I found that I had become very frugal and was a much better money manager.  When bills came due, God directed situations that supplied whatever was needed, and  He provided unexpected help from various sources and persons.  Every day now I am aware of and very greatful for the many hugs I receive……………All things work together for the good to those who love God (Romans 8:28)

Please share your experiences with your own Hugs from God for others to appreciate.   Thanks, Kat.       

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Quoted from Billy Graham . ..

“God wants to teach us how to defend ourselves against sin and  Satan, the ultimate  bully, who will attack us at our weakest points .
God offers spiritual training to build  us up inside in much the same  way that  physical  exercise  can build us up on the outside.  He has provided  us with all the resources we need including the Bible ,  prayer,  faith, righteous  living, and the Holy Spirit within us.
But, like physical  training ,  we must be diligent  in their application.  God has not promised to shield  us from trouble, but He promised  to protect us in the midst of it. Never forget that  because  of  Christ’s  death and resurrection ,  Satan is already a defeated foe….and someday the war will be over”

God’s gentle messages…

Six years  ago I  lost  one of my best friends, my pet Pomeranian, Skipper.  The pain of seperation  and  loss  was tremendous  and, as always , I  prayed he  was safe in heaven.  As an act of kindness, my grandkids  and their mom brought  me a scrawny little  lilac tree and planted  it in my yard in honor  of my little buddy and called it "the Skipper tree".  I so appreciated this  act of empathy that  I  didn't  tell them the spot  they picked for the tree was a place  where nothing  that was ever planted   there lived. To my surprise that little  tree not only lived but flourished and every spring  when it blooms I  praise God and thank Him for letting me feel that my Skipper is alive and well with Him.


More hugs…..

The sweet smell of fresh air
The warmth of the sun on my face
Songs from the  birds everywhere
Frolicking  squirrels  giving chase….
Thank You Father for these hugs.

God’s Creation

What  an interesting creature…..the caterpillar .   From it’s  first breath of air it crawls around looking to avoid natural preditors  and trying to survive life  on earth. God  given instinct  tells it when it’s  time to spin a cocoon  where it can be sheltered as it endures metamorphosis.  Then one day it emerges with it’s  beautiful new body ,  dries it’s  wings in the warmth of the sun and wings it’s  way heavenward.  Imagine  all the colors  that  butterflies  might add to the landscape of our future home in paradise .  


Praise His Holy Name!

Thank You Father for Your incredible Gift!  We are so undeserving and yet You love us so much that You made the ultimate  sacrifice for us so that we can be with You in  heaven for all eternity .  Also You bless us countless times in our daily lives. What an awesome Heavenly Father You are!  Thank You so very much for your magnificent Love.

God’s Creation

Once I  read that in the early days animals who were to be offered for sacrifice may have  actually  clamored  to be the  ones chosen.  To be given as a sacrifice to their Creator, the Awesome King of heaven, may have been considered a great honor.  What a comforting  thought.  Very likely  they knew whatever  they encountered  on earth  that  they would  eventually reside  in paradise as was intended for them in the first  place.


Power For Life

Walter Knight tells the  story  about  a  little  boy  who had recently  received  Christ.  “Daddy, how can I   believe  in the Holy Spirit  when I   have   never  seen   Him?” asked Jim.
   “I’ll  show you how,” said his father, who was an electrician .   The father took Jim  to a power plant and showed him the generators.  “This is where the power comes from to heat our stove and give us light.  We can’t  see  the  power, but it’s  in that machine and in the power lines,” said the father.
   “Now son, let me ask you a question: “Do you believe in electricity?” he asked.
   “Yes I  believe  in  electricity,”  said Jim.
   “Of course  you do,”  said his father, “but you don’t   believe  in  it  because  you  can  see  it .  You believe  in  it  because  you  can  see  what  it  can  do.  Likewise, you can  believe  in  the  Holy  Spirit  not because you see Him, but you see what  He does  in people’s  lives when they are surrendered  to Christ and possess His power.”


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