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Every day we are blessed countless times.  We often overlook the Source of the good things that happen to us and chalk it up to good fortune or “lucky breaks”.  Although I have always  known that all good things come from God, I have often neglected to give Him the credit.  Now, after having experienced a life changing decision, I  have become more aware of His personal attention and  recognize each and every blessing and their unbelievable timing.  I call them hugs from God and began this website in order to share them and have a place where others can share their “hugs”.

After 20 years in a dead-end job I felt that I couldn’t stay there another second, so I decided to leave.  While the awesome indescribable relief of simply walking out that door was overwhelming, I worried that I might not be doing what God wanted me to do.  I was old enough to retire and had “put in my time”, as it were, but the economy was bad and it was scary to lose the paycheck.  I took all of it to God and asked Him to let me know He was standing by me in this decision.  I imagined feeling His arms around me and instantly felt calmer.  I sensed the warmth of His love and approval flowing into my very being.  Then the blessings (hugs) began.

Four months later I found that I had become very frugal and was a much better money manager.  When bills came due, God directed situations that supplied whatever was needed, and  He provided unexpected help from various sources and persons.  Every day now I am aware of and very greatful for the many hugs I receive……………All things work together for the good to those who love God (Romans 8:28)

Please share your experiences with your own Hugs from God for others to appreciate.   Thanks, Kat.       

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Power For Life

Walter Knight tells the  story  about  a  little  boy  who had recently  received  Christ.  “Daddy, how can I   believe  in the Holy Spirit  when I   have   never  seen   Him?” asked Jim.
   “I’ll  show you how,” said his father, who was an electrician .   The father took Jim  to a power plant and showed him the generators.  “This is where the power comes from to heat our stove and give us light.  We can’t  see  the  power, but it’s  in that machine and in the power lines,” said the father.
   “Now son, let me ask you a question: “Do you believe in electricity?” he asked.
   “Yes I  believe  in  electricity,”  said Jim.
   “Of course  you do,”  said his father, “but you don’t   believe  in  it  because  you  can  see  it .  You believe  in  it  because  you  can  see  what  it  can  do.  Likewise, you can  believe  in  the  Holy  Spirit  not because you see Him, but you see what  He does  in people’s  lives when they are surrendered  to Christ and possess His power.”

Surprise hugs

My brother-  in -law lost his wedding  ring many years ago and my sister  bought him a new one to replace it. A few  weeks  after that he found his lost ring in the bottom of his food freezer .  He put the  replacement  ring away and put the original  back on his finger.  Just recently, he lost it again and assumed it came off with his glove at the  grocery  checkout. Prayers went up and the search began.  He checked  his vehicle  and the driveway and the yard, his pockets and gloves and then called the store to see if possibly  someone had turned it in. No one had and this  time it was a greater loss to him because it represented 46 years of marriage to his sweetheart who has gone from him temporarily and  is now with Jesus in Paradise.  He started  wearing  the replacement  ring  again. A couple weeks went by and he was putting some  things   in a plastic grocery bag  when he felt something  in the bag.  It was his lost  ring, brought back  to him once again by his loving heavenly  Father.  Thank You Lord  for those  surprise hugs You bless us with so often.


Jesus….the Reason for the season


Thank you Lord for Your incredible Gift!

Thank You Father……

When we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with our family and friends, let us remember that half the world goes to bed hungry every night.  When we kick back in our comfortable homes, let us remember that millions in our own country have no homes to go to.  May we always be grateful for the many blessings we have been given by our Heavenly Father, and may we always be willing to share with those less fortunate.



Our Creator, God the Father, provided a way for us to be saved by coming to earth in human form as the 2nd Person of the Trinity, God the Son, Jesus Christ. Because of His birth, suffering and death, the punishment for sin was removed from us allowing us to choose life everlasting in heaven with Him.  He loves us so much, He sends the 3rd Person of the Trinity, God the Holy Spirit,  to live in our hearts to guide and protect us.  He delights when we accept His awesome gift and sends angels to watch over us.
Thank You , Father, for loving us so much. Please forgive us for anything we do, think or say that hurts You.  May we always be aware of and ever thankful for the countless blessings You surround us with each day.

A Big Hug In A Tiny Package

Almost a year ago, I found out my youngest daughter was pregnant with my youngest grandchild. This 1st granddaughter had lots of struggles during my daughter’s pregnancy and so many hugs came when she was born. God answered the prayers that were poured out from our hearts and gave us a miracle. So many things could have gone wrong, none of which did. She is perfectly healthy and I feel these hugs every time I look at her or hold her and when she looks into my eyes and smiles a great big gummy smile.

Linda/Sylvania, OH

Trust as a child does.

Jesus, gentle Shepherd…
I feel alone and unprotected often. jesus-christ-pics-2016
Please embrace me with the warmth of Your sweet love
and keep me safe from all evil and harm. Amen



Billy Graham once told of hearing a speaker say these words:
“Either sin will keep you from God’s Word, or Gods Word will keep you from sin.”
Even 5 minutes alone with God each day can renew and strengthen your soul.

A Thought To Ponder

Borrowed from a favorite pastor’s website, this is the best view on death and rebirth I’ve seen.

If an unborn baby could form clear thoughts, he would most certainly resist the process that was forcing him from the only world he has known…..the womb. He would think of it as dying.


What he would think was death is what we call birth.
So it is with us.
What we think is dying is birth into God’s bright new world of heaven.



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