B.R. –   I had a hug today.  I just got this kitten that is absolutely adorable.  She is so tiny and delicate.  I let her roam around to get used to her new surroundings.  I got preoccupied with things and before I knew it, she had disappeared. I looked all over the house for her.  Under couches and in windows and closets.  Under beds, in cupboards, and behind everything.  When I looked behind the dresser, I saw that the furnace register had become pulled away from the wall. My heart jumped and I prayed that she was okay.   I was sure that she had found her way in there and was going to get trapped somewhere in the ducts.  When I pulled the dresser out so that I could get back there, I found this tiny gray furrball covered with dust and cobwebs and fast asleep.  The Lord answered my quick prayer.  She was unharmed and unaware of the potential danger she could have been in had she continued exploring.

MT – I was babysitting my granddaughter and we were working in the yard.  I turned around for a split second and she was gone.  I was absolutely petrified.  I went up and down the street calling her.  I even got several of my neighbors to go searching with me. No one could find her.  I went in the house prepared to call the police. I heard a knocking sound coming from the bathroom.  I went in to see what it was and their was my grandbaby sitting on the floor playing with her toy.  Praise God!!!

I wanted to add a note for a friend who experienced a “hug” just today.  She noticed the diamond from her ring had fallen out and she was convinced that it had gone down the drain.  While her son was disassembling the plumbing, she cried to the Lord to let the diamond be there in the trap. It was not there and she assumed it had gone to the city sewer.  She was devastated as the ring was a keepsake and she was sentimentally attached. She figured it was a lesson to not become too attached to material things but she was still very upset. As she walked out to her car the sun glinted on something on the driveway and she went over to check it out. It was the diamond!!  She had no idea how it had gotten there but was very thankful for this major hug from God.        – KAT

Tina, Toledo OH – This is a great site.  It’s a great place to be able to share the hugs we receive from God and give Him the praise He deserves.  One of my hugs pertains to my lack of employment for almost two years.  It was enjoyable for awhile to not have to get up every morning and hustle out every day.  It soon became very stressful.  I began applying to several ads daily to no avail.  This pattern of applying and getting no response went on for almost two years.  Then, the very day that my unemployment was over, with no more hope for extensions, I was hired into a local healthcare facility into a very promising position that pays very well.  Without God’s hug, who knows where I would be working right now, if anywhere.