God was right next to me this day…

Tina/Toledo, OH – I am writing about an incident that happened awhile back that I now realize to be a huge hug.  I was driving home from work on a rainy night.  I was stopped at a red light that I had stopped at almost every night before.  When the light changed green, as I had done many times before, I immeditely pressed my foot on the accelerator to go. My foot slipped off the pedal.  At that exact moment a car that was more than twice my size sped through the red light doing about 50 mph.  Had my car started going when I wanted it to, I have no doubt that I would not be here to tell this story.  The car would have slammed directly into my driver’s door and there would have been nothing left of my car.  I am positive that the Lord was right there with me that day with his arms tightly around me protecting me and keeping me safe.

Shane’s Outing

EXIF_JPEG_T422Our 9 year old shepherd-lab is very frightened of wind.  Recently, on a very windy day, he realized we were preparing to leave without him and he bolted out the front door.  He ran around the car and seemed to disappear in thin air.  Usually he just waits by the car door but we saw him run around the car and then he just vanished.  Shane has never run off before…..not ever!  We called and called and drove around asking our neighbors if they’d seen him, but no one had and there was not a trace of him .  We prayed that God would protect him and bring him back home to us.  For nearly 4 hours we paced from window to door and up and down the street calling.  Then, just at dark, and just before it began to rain, he reappeared, walking slowly up the driveway to the back door to be let in.  He was tired and thirsty, but safe and warm. We were so happy and thankful that he was back.  Whatever the reason for the delay that his leaving caused, we may never know, but we were VERY grateful for the “hug” we received from our Master! –KAT