My Dad’s Angel

I remember a major hug I received many years ago. My dad was becoming unsteady and infirm and I was doing my best to care for him by fixing his meals, driving him places he wanted to go, etc. One day as we were leaving the store with a cart full of groceries, my dad lost his footing and went down in the parking lot. I tried to help him up but I couldn’t get a good enough grip as the pavement was icy. A man came up to us and offered to help. He bent down and picked my dad up in his arms and brought him over to the car, put him in the seat and strapped him in his seatbelt. We thanked him, he said ‘No problem” and I watched him walk into the store. I loaded the groceries and went back in the store to find the man and thank him again. I couldn’t find him. The cashier asked if she could help me. I told her a man in a blue and red nylon jacket had helped me with my dad before he came in the store and I wanted to thank him again. She said, “Honey, no one has come in here since you walked out with your cart.”
I’m not sure if he was my angel, or my dad’s angel, or just one that God tagged to help at the moment, but I still remember the awesome feeling and will always be grateful. Thank You Wonderful Savior for always looking out for us. KAT