Five years ago a mother cat had a feral litter of kittens in my garage. After a very long time and many attempts to capture them, we finally had them and got them neutered and spade . They were presumably happy but one day a few weeks ago, the two smallest females escaped through a window that was left open. They ran. For three weeks they would be seen hiding in the bushes and would even come up on the porch to be fed but would not come back in. We tried every trick to no avail. They were wet and cold and scared and hungry but wouldn’t come in. The weatherman said there was a chance of frost. I had asked God to protect them from predators and a multitude of other dangers, but now I was begging Him to let this be the night they would finally decide to come in where it was safe and warm and nothing would harm them. They were meowing from the bushes for food and I hunkered down in the doorway and called them for about the millionth time and they came up to me. One of them let me pet her and I was able to pick her up and bring her in, My daughter was able to convince the other cat that she was coming in too. At first they were very scared but they quickly remembered their surroundings and were very happy and content to be back. I was very grateful to God and thanked Him profusely. From this experience with my feline version of the wanderers, I now have a deeper respect for what the Prodigal son’s dad was feeling. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.                                                    KAT

One thought on “The Power of Prayer


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