Surprise hugs

My brother-  in -law lost his wedding  ring many years ago and my sister  bought him a new one to replace it. A few  weeks  after that he found his lost ring in the bottom of his food freezer .  He put the  replacement  ring away and put the original  back on his finger.  Just recently, he lost it again and assumed it came off with his glove at the  grocery  checkout. Prayers went up and the search began.  He checked  his vehicle  and the driveway and the yard, his pockets and gloves and then called the store to see if possibly  someone had turned it in. No one had and this  time it was a greater loss to him because it represented 46 years of marriage to his sweetheart who has gone from him temporarily and  is now with Jesus in Paradise.  He started  wearing  the replacement  ring  again. A couple weeks went by and he was putting some  things   in a plastic grocery bag  when he felt something  in the bag.  It was his lost  ring, brought back  to him once again by his loving heavenly  Father.  Thank You Lord  for those  surprise hugs You bless us with so often.