A lady in Colorado  writes that she and her family  wanted to go on their church’s  retreat in the wilderness, next to nature, close to God.  Unfortunately ,  their family’s  tight budget  wouldn’t  allow it.  Neverless they prayed that somehow they’d  be able to go.  A week later they got a call from a young man answering  an ad they had placed so long ago they had forgotten about it. It was for some tools that they still had. They asked the young man how he ever even saw this ad.  He answered that he was sitting on a park bench and a scrap of newspaper  blew near him and he  picked it up and read the ad.  He was sure the tools would be gone but took a chance and called anyway.  The sale was made  and this wonderful lady knew it was no coincidence  that the sale was the exact total they needed for the retreat.


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