Carol  N. from Ann Arbor  MI writes  :
“I accidently  came across  this  site and found myself inspired and eager to share.  One day about a month ago I took my dog for a walk and came across a keyring .  It had 2 keys on it  and the ring had  an unusual  insignia  on it like a crest of some sort.  I put an ad the  paper indicating where I  found them and 2 days  after the ad appeared the paper called  me to inform me there was a response  and gave me the number of the  respondent .   I called it and what  a “hug” I  received when the owner of the  keys turned out to be my  own cousin that I  hadn’t  seen for years!  He said he lost the keys while jogging .  When he came to get them we had a wonderful catch  up  visit and promised to keep in touch.    I  love  getting  surprise  little “hugs” like that !  “


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