Mechanical Miracle

For several days my washer has been in freak mode and doing crazy thing. Dreading the upcoming major expense, I prayed about that washer last night. Today I thought I’d give it one more chance and it worked perfectly through several loads . ūüėĄ. Many would speculate about that but I have no doubt where that “hug” came from and I am so grateful.

Perfect Day

I woke  up  this  morning  to the  cheerful  songs of the birds .   The sky was a cloudless, brilliant blue and a background  for tall and lush green trees.  A gentle breeze kissed my cheeks  as I  watched  a couple squirrels  frolicking  in my yard.  Thank You , God,  for these hugs and good morning.

Speaking of blessings…..


When mom walks me in the park, sometimes she thanks God for what she calls ¬†“hugs”… ¬†beautiful ¬†weather, ¬†blue skies ¬†and singing ¬†birds. ¬†She sometimes even thanks ¬†Him for me! ¬†I guess I ¬†should thank him for my hugs too. I can’t ¬†say the words but my Creator ¬†knows ¬†my ¬†heart ¬†and how grateful I ¬†am ¬†that He hooked me up with my very loved earthly ¬†master who loves and cares ¬†for me! ¬†Praise to our Heavenly ¬†Father ¬†from all His creatures great and small! ¬†ūüíĖ