God’s Perfect Timing

The other day I  was sort of sad and felt out of sorts.  I  felt kind of ignored  and unloved by certain members  of my family and I  am not one  to feel sorry  for myself ever. But there it was and , of course, God came to my rescue  yet again.  I  got a call  and a surprise visit from my most dearly – loved  cousin  and a warm hug from both him and also from God. Just what  I needed.


Timeless Message

I came across this hymn that was written in 1995 and someone posted it on the internet. It is so fitting for these present times, and it is somehow comforting. I consider finding a “hug”.

“Till all the jails are empty
and all the bellies filled;
till no one hurts or steals or lies,
and no more blood is spilled;
till age and race and gender
no longer separate;
till pulpit, press, and politics
are free of greed and hate:
God has work for us to do.

In tenement and mansion,
in factory, farm, and mill,
in boardroom and in billiard-hall,
in wards where time stands still
in classroom, church, and office,
in shops or on the street;
in every place where people thrive
or starve or hide or meet:
God has work for us to do.

By sitting at a bedside
to hold pale trembling hands,
by speaking for the powerless
against unjust demands,
by praying through our doing
and singing though we fear,
by trusting that the seed we sow
will bring God’s harvest near:
God has work for us to do.”

Carl P. Daw, Jr.