Another Divine Hug

A lady  who attends a nearby church recently lost  her husband .  This  grieving widow, sobbing and clutching her husband’s  picture, cried out to God ” I  just  want him to come home!”.  She instantly felt a warm peace fill her  heart and she heard these words inside her head  :  “He is home”.  Wow! What a comforting hug!


We were told we had to evacuate  our home which was surrounded with rapidly rising and turbulent  water . Rescuers  were  waiting  in a boat  in my front  yard but I  couldn’t  find my cat, Major.  He would  normally  come to my call but he was afraid  of the howling  wind  and I  looked everywhere for him to no avail.   Finally, the rescuers  could  wait  no longer and  we  had to leave my precious  cat abandoned . I was devastated ! . Two days after the storm, we were allowed back in our homes to assess the damage.  With terror in my heart I  searched  for my kitty and found him  huddled in the attic rafters, very  much alive, hungry and very happy to see me!  A major “hug” for Major and me!!

Lila…from Houston