A Real Merry Christmas

I used  to  hate the  Christmas  season .  It was so commercial  and crowded  stores  full of grouchy people were never very appealing to me.  Money  was always tight, but more  so in the last  few years, and buying gifts for family you rarely  ever see was difficult at best.  Most gifts were not really appreciated  and some felt that money gifts were too impersonal .
A couple  of  years  ago ,  I  suggested  everyone  draw names and then  offer 2 or 3 suggestions  about what they  would  like to have .   That  way everyone  would  only  have  to  buy one gift and everyone  would get something  they really wanted.  Not  everyone  would  agree to  that . So…I   decided  to start a new tradition of no giving  or receiving  gifts  among  ourselves .  After all, everybody  was having  financial  trouble as well and could  use less stress on their  checkbooks .
I guess that  decision didn’t  set too well with many because instead  of visits  I  got texts instead.
I understood  that  as they were  used to snacks and games  and  presents  all the years prior and  the  change made them feel sort  of  rejected  while it made me feel sort of used.
But through it all a wonderful  Christmas  miracle  happened!   With the huge stress and worry gone ,  I  actually found  myself enjoying  the  season  with  the  bright  lights  and beautiful  decorations  and the wonderful  music.  I even enjoyed the crowds  and smiling   at people  and having  them smile back.  At church  on Christmas  Eve, the true meaning of the season rang through loud and clear  for  me. This Baby was born to save us all  and there never  was. ….nor  will  there ever be a greater gift than  that!
I plan to  continue  this new tradition. 
Try it…..and feel the grace!

The Battle of Good vs Evil Has Already Been Won!

A lady writes that  she has  been upset daily by reports  everywhere about  the  evil that is currently  running  rampant  over our world.

“I found myself  depressed  often from all the  hatred and violence and the lies  being told and all the insanity .  I  went to Christmas  shop to lift my spirits with the lights  and decorations . As I  wandered  through  the store it seemed I  was drawn to a life  size Nativity  display .  As I  stared down at the baby Jesus a warm feeling of calmness came over me. I  felt   as though  everything  will be all right  as I  realized  Jesus came to us to save  us from all the sin and evil. I  became aware  that He will shine a light on all the  evil happening  and expose the lies and evil  deeds. I prayed ‘Lord . ..thank You.  You’ve  got  this !’
I left feeling relaxed and I   smiled with my spirits definitely  lifted.”

Thank you Mrs. JT of Lavonia  for sharing that beautiful story.