A lady writes that  she has  been upset daily by reports  everywhere about  the  evil that is currently  running  rampant  over our world.

“I found myself  depressed  often from all the  hatred and violence and the lies  being told and all the insanity .  I  went to Christmas  shop to lift my spirits with the lights  and decorations . As I  wandered  through  the store it seemed I  was drawn to a life  size Nativity  display .  As I  stared down at the baby Jesus a warm feeling of calmness came over me. I  felt   as though  everything  will be all right  as I  realized  Jesus came to us to save  us from all the sin and evil. I  became aware  that He will shine a light on all the  evil happening  and expose the lies and evil  deeds. I prayed ‘Lord . ..thank You.  You’ve  got  this !’
I left feeling relaxed and I   smiled with my spirits definitely  lifted.”

Thank you Mrs. JT of Lavonia  for sharing that beautiful story.


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