Mechanical Miracle

For several days my washer has been in freak mode and doing crazy thing. Dreading the upcoming major expense, I prayed about that washer last night. Today I thought I’d give it one more chance and it worked perfectly through several loads . ūüėĄ. Many would speculate about that but I have no doubt where that “hug” came from and I am so grateful.

Perfect Day

I woke  up  this  morning  to the  cheerful  songs of the birds .   The sky was a cloudless, brilliant blue and a background  for tall and lush green trees.  A gentle breeze kissed my cheeks  as I  watched  a couple squirrels  frolicking  in my yard.  Thank You , God,  for these hugs and good morning.

Speaking of blessings…..


When mom walks me in the park, sometimes she thanks God for what she calls ¬†“hugs”… ¬†beautiful ¬†weather, ¬†blue skies ¬†and singing ¬†birds. ¬†She sometimes even thanks ¬†Him for me! ¬†I guess I ¬†should thank him for my hugs too. I can’t ¬†say the words but my Creator ¬†knows ¬†my ¬†heart ¬†and how grateful I ¬†am ¬†that He hooked me up with my very loved earthly ¬†master who loves and cares ¬†for me! ¬†Praise to our Heavenly ¬†Father ¬†from all His creatures great and small! ¬†ūüíĖ

Have You Ever Wondered…….

Once I  read that in the early days animals who were to be offered for sacrifice may have  actually  clamored  to be the  ones chosen.  To be given as a sacrifice to their Creator, the Awesome King of heaven, may have been considered a great honor.  What a comforting  thought.  Very likely  they knew whatever  they encountered  on earth  that  they would  eventually reside  in paradise as was intended for them in the first  place.


There are several scripture quotes supporting the “what goes around ¬†comes ¬†around” theory.

“You reap what you sow…”

“Give and it will be given to you…”

“Whatever ¬†measure you use ¬†it will be measured back to you…”

“By the standard ¬†you judge others you will be judged . …”

Did you ever wonder if one of God’s ¬†mighty archangels might be named “Karma” ??


It¬† occurred to me that before the fall of mankind ,¬† when things were¬† perfect in the Garden of Eden, perhaps animals were intended to be¬† able to converse¬† .¬† After all, when the serpent spoke to Eve,¬† she wasn’t¬† surprised¬† or astounded¬† it could speak.¬† Instead,¬† she listened and considered what it was saying.¬† Perhaps,¬† and hopefully so,¬† animals in eternity¬† will be able to express to us their¬† thoughts and feelings and fill us in on their histories.¬† How awesome¬† that¬† hug would be!


There is so much division and violence and evil in this world.  People who used to act intelligent  and stable are now acting and speaking like lunatics .

It’s ¬†not just politics, altbough that is the most ¬†prominent ¬†example , ¬†but it’s ¬†everywhere .

My own thoughts on this……..I now ¬†believe that ¬†hate is contageous ¬†and it spreads like ¬†a ¬†virus. ¬†It’s ¬†not even necessary ¬†to have any contact with the carriers. ¬†Simply reading comments or listening ¬†to ¬†the ¬†news can infect. ¬†It seems to numb the brain until all traces of ¬†common ¬†sense ¬†completely ¬†disappear . ¬† How ¬†sad!

I wonder how God  feels as  He watches the insanity .   He loves  each and every one of His creation and it must grieve Him intensely .

Do you ever wonder what will happen when He’s ¬†had enough???

Linda from Sylvania writes…..

“I get hugs from above every day.

I sometimes feel them in my heart as they say.

I am a sinner undeserving of this.

I am trying to change it and not just dismiss.

Though I know in my heart, and without any doubt,

that while I’m still earthbound

I‚Äôll keep getting hugs and feel safe ‘n’ sound and,

those hugs keep coming from all around

because GOD loves me and he gave His Son

His name is Jesus, and my only way out.”