Someone  Watching Out For Me.

Marie from  Ann  Arbor  shared  this  hug:

After  cashing my paycheck I went grocery shopping  and loaded the bags into my car.  When I  got home  I realized I  had  left my purse in the shopping cart in the  parking lot.  Panicked, I  hurried back to the store praying  my purse would still be there.  It wasn’t .  I  went into  the store hoping one of the  employees might have brought  it in when collecting  carts. I  inquired  at the desk and , praise God, a customer  had turned in my purse and the $450 dollars  cash I  had in it was still there. I consider that a huge hug from my loving heavenly  Father .

Puppy  Hug

I had to add my hug to this list . Recently  I  adopted a puppy from a rescue and was sitting on my  porch with him enjoying the warm evening when he suddenly darted off my lap and went  tearing across the street and across  a field after whatever  he must have decided  needed chasing. It was dark  and I’m  disabled  and  was terrified. I prayed for God’s  protection over him and started  out walking and calling.  It was difficult to see but as I  approached  a streetlight a block away, I saw a little girl coming toward me with my puppy in her arms.  She caught  him on the run and was bringing him back to me .  “I know where he  lives ‘ cause I  saw you playing  with  him the other  day when I  rode  my bike  past your  house”  she said.  God bless  her heart. Something really bad could  have happened and some would call it lucky that I  got him back safely .  I know better. That  was  a  hug from above for sure and I  am  so thankful.

Shelly G. Texas,OH


Megan hug

This may not seem like much to most readers but it was  a huge hug for me. My hair is unruly and grows fast and it  took me  years to find a stylist  who could tame and manage it. Then one day she was gone and no one would tell me how to find  her or call her with my number.  Others at that  shop simply  didn’t  have her talent  so I  went to another location of the same chain. Before I  went in I  prayed for God to connect  me with someone who knows  what they are doing. When I  walked  in, there  she was!  Thank You  Lord for that awesome personal hug!

Recognized hug

Carol  N. from Ann Arbor  MI writes  :
“I accidently  came across  this  site and found myself inspired and eager to share.  One day about a month ago I took my dog for a walk and came across a keyring .  It had 2 keys on it  and the ring had  an unusual  insignia  on it like a crest of some sort.  I put an ad the  paper indicating where I  found them and 2 days  after the ad appeared the paper called  me to inform me there was a response  and gave me the number of the  respondent .   I called it and what  a “hug” I  received when the owner of the  keys turned out to be my  own cousin that I  hadn’t  seen for years!  He said he lost the keys while jogging .  When he came to get them we had a wonderful catch  up  visit and promised to keep in touch.    I  love  getting  surprise  little “hugs” like that !  “

Paying a hug forward.

JF from Livonia  MI. writes:
My Social  Security  check was seriously depleted  but I   needed  something  to give my grandkids for their  Easter baskets. As I walked across the Dollar  Store  parking lot, I   saw an unscratched lottery ticket that had blown  up against a fence. I retrieved it and it was a 50 dollar winner .  Thanking God, I  went to cash it. I  spent half for Easter baskets  for  the kiddies  and gave the other  half to a homeless veteran that was standing on the street corner. That was a great feeling. It was a great day!

No coincidence . ..

Ten years ago I  rescued a litter of kittens from a shed in my yard.  The mom of this litter had 5 more kittens before I  finally got her in and had her fixed. By then she had a respiratory  infection and was very  sick but she survived and became  a loving and grateful pet who became  one of my most favorites. I recently  lost her to a mammory  tumor and it was very hard  to say goodbye to her. I prayed as always that God would have her with Him and I  prayed for trust that she was fine and asked for a sign.  Late in the  evening on the day of  her death, I  turned my phone on to catch up my yahtzee  games and there was a request there . An invitation to play  from a girl whose  player  name was Angel.

Prayer answered with a hug…

A lady in Colorado  writes that she and her family  wanted to go on their church’s  retreat in the wilderness, next to nature, close to God.  Unfortunately ,  their family’s  tight budget  wouldn’t  allow it.  Neverless they prayed that somehow they’d  be able to go.  A week later they got a call from a young man answering  an ad they had placed so long ago they had forgotten about it. It was for some tools that they still had. They asked the young man how he ever even saw this ad.  He answered that he was sitting on a park bench and a scrap of newspaper  blew near him and he  picked it up and read the ad.  He was sure the tools would be gone but took a chance and called anyway.  The sale was made  and this wonderful lady knew it was no coincidence  that the sale was the exact total they needed for the retreat.